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Updated: Oct 14

When I first set out on my journey in May of 2022, I had this idea that I was going to document every moment, every mile and every marvellous view. I enjoy writing, taking photos and putting together short movies for memories, so I thought for sure I would do lots of each while living on the road. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it wasn’t going to go as I had imagined. I found myself without an internet connection within the first day of travel and then was without access longer than I was with it for most of the time. Then when I would regain access I didn’t know where to start, as so much had happened in the meantime. There was also the power situation, which was just a bit of solar at the time. There was only so much to go around and the computer was low on the priority list after phones, GPSs, etc... As the weeks went on and my adventure continued I started to almost stress about it. I was feeling behind and frustrated, which was silly really, as nothing “needed” to get done.

As time went on I started to relax and look at things in a new light. I also realized, more than ever, that I was not doing anything that lots of others weren't also doing or have done. Everyone has a story and adventures to share, so the world would be fine without me sharing mine I thought. I also didn't have anyone waiting to hear how I was or where I had been, so that also added to the question, why bother sharing my photos and stories. The big switch came when my mom passed away on May 16th, a few weeks after I departed on my journey. She was always there to hear my stories and to share my adventures with. I was looking forward to mailing her colourful postcards of the places I was visiting, but I didn't even get the chance to mail her one. I was able to speak to her the day she passed away and we shared a few laughs and I told her my future plans for the last time. Once she was gone I found myself not wanting to share much of anything.

The weeks that followed were about trying to adjust to my new life on the road and process the losses of the last few months, losing my dog, an old friend, some other family and now my mom was all a bit much in a short time. I put my thoughts and energy into daily tasks around camp, travel logistics and enjoying every new day to the fullest. I knew a part of me still wanted to share my adventure, as I continued to take photos, shorts videos and silly selfies. I thought to take them to have them and if I wanted to share later I could.

It is now almost August and a lot has changed since May. I am now travelling with my mom and feel the inspiration to share slowly coming back. My mom was cremated and I recently picked her up from the funeral home. For now she is along with me on my journey and the goal is to find a nice place in nature to release her ashes. I have travelled to a few locations looking for a spot, but none were right. What makes a spot the right spot, I have no idea, it is just a feeling I get. I think I know of a place where she could rest peacefully. A place which I have discovered recently on this journey and now I am travelling back there to find her spot. This place is already special to me and by taking my mom there will make it even more so.

As for sharing my journey, I have started to do so again. I don't know if it is so much sharing as documenting the days gone by. Sometimes the beauty of a place is so overwhelming when you are present and surrounded by it that it is hard to process everything you see and hear. By taking photos and videos I can look back and digest what I just experienced and retain certain moments in my memory. I know now that I don't have to share things in any particular order or on any particular day, it's all about when I am inspired to and of course when I have an internet connection....

I have put together a short video of my travel moments from May. I have found a fun and easy way to make these videos and hope to make one for each month. I thought a lot about my Mom when making this one. I know she would be happy for me and always approved of me chasing my dreams. Her spirit for life will always be with me and I thank her so much for her strength.

Life is short, embrace it and make each day count!

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