Marble Canyon Provincial Park

Updated: Oct 14

It was now May 5th and we were staying at Marble Lake Provincial Park for three nights. We were camped beside Turquoise Lake. The lake is small but lovely. In the sun the water becomes a bright turquoise green colour that is a brilliant sight for the eyes. The lake is filled with birds, mostly Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese, but lots of other smaller birds were also enjoying the lake. There were also a lot of Black-billed Magpies living in the trees around us.

Marble Canyon Provincial Park - British Columbia

The first morning we awoke there was when I truly started to take in the surrounding canyon walls around us. Nestled in the rugged Pavilion Mountain Range, the limestone canyon in which Marble Canyon Provincial Park is located is a rare geological formation in British Columbia.

You can sense there’s something different there as the white, chalk-faced slopes are certainly not composed of granite, as they are in the nearby Coast Mountains. Then there are the weathered peaks, surmounted by the stunning Chimney Rock which has the appearance of a crumbling castle. This canyon was once part of a Pacific island chain, another section of which lies in the northwest corner of the province.

If you look real close in the bottom middle of this amazing backdrop you can see our little red tent. What an amazing place to camp for a few days.

The sun was shining our first day there, so we went out for canoe around the lake. The view of the canyon walls was even better from in the middle of the lake. It was nice to be in the canoe and on our first outing on this journey. The lake was also filled with lots o jump happy fish. While we were there a man from the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia came and restocked the lake for the season with lots of little trout. You often heard the splashes from the fish jumping high out of the water. We started awarding points for style and height.

Turquoise Lake in Marble Canyon

Later that day the park caretaker came by with a gift of some fresh baked goods from a local cafe. Wow, what could make a camper happier than a fresh berry scone for an afternoon snack and super soft cheese bun to go with dinner. I was enjoying this park very much. It was a small park with basic amenities of water and pit toilets, and it was close to the highway. But none of that matter as the place itself is magical.

On our last night we had hoped for the rain to hold off, but of course it did not. So we had a wet pack up on Sunday morning and headed out on our way to Kamloops. First order of business was to find somewhere to dry out, and a cup of coffee!

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