Finally Heading North

Updated: Oct 14

It was now Wednesday May 4th, 2022 and we woke up early to get packed and ready to go. We headed to the ferry to get back over to the mainland. Once docked we proceeded up Highway 99 to Squamish to see an old friend and truly begin our journey North. The friend was The Stawamus Chief, officially Stawamus Chief Mountain, is a granitic dome located next door to the town of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. It towers over 700 m above the waters of nearby Howe Sound. It is one of the largest granite monoliths in the world.

The Stawamus Chief in Squamish, British Columbia

Once upon a time we lived at the bottom of the Chief which was a hot spot for rock climbers from around the world. There was a little campground where climbers lived and played in the surrounding mountains. We expected change as it had been 20 years since we were in Squamish, but the volume of change took us back. Our little climbers campground in the forest had become a park with pavement, signs, designated camp spots and lots of infrastructure. It was to be expected but sad at the same time, the Grand Wall of the Chief had become something in the background instead of the being the highlight of the area. Now I just sound like an old person complaining, oh dear.

Alice Lake Provincial Park - British Columbia

So instead of staying there we went up to Alice Lake Provincial Park a bit further up the highway. The park was large and had showers, which was nice, but it was busy. The weather turned yucky and it rained all night long. We were a bit grumpy the next morning as a wet pack up is never fun, but we were up early and back on the road before 9am.

Travelling North on Highway 99 the highway became steep and winding. We started to get into some snow, nothing on the road, but lots off to the sides and into the forest. The scenery was the becoming more stunning with every mile that we went.

We stopped at Lower Joffre Lake to look around as the park was still under a good amount of snow. We walked down to the lake and found it too was still under a blanket of ice. It was very peaceful and beautiful.

Lower Joffre Lake - British Columbia

Lower Joffre Lake - British Columbia
Canada Jay

As we were leaving we noticed a rather fluffy Canada Jay was following us around and seemed rather interested in us. We stopped and said hello to the little one and then carried on as it started to snow a little.

It was hard to believe we had only been on the road for less than a week at this point. We had already had a few unplanned adventures, seen lots of stunning landscape and met some interesting people. To think we had months or maybe years of this still to go made me super happy and excited.

We drove along the steep and winding highway to that night's camp, Marble Canyon Provincial Park. It was a great drive through the mountains and then into the canyon. Earlier we decided to stay three nights at Marble Canyon and was I ever glad we did.

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