Farewell to Halfmoon Bay

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For over 20 years I have lived on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, in a community called Halfmoon Bay. A small community that offers beautiful coastlines and a big playground for mountain biking and backroad exploring. Trees, trails, lakes and waterfalls, surely a wonderful place to have called home for so long.

Welcome to Halfmoon Bay sign

On April 30th, 2022, I will be leaving Halfmoon Bay. Which is days from when I am writing this. I leave by choice, as it is time to move on to new places and adventures. This is not to say it was an easy decision to make, as it wasn't. My best friend and I had built a life that was pleasant and comfortable. But it wasn't fulfilling after so many years of the same routine in the same place.

Since we started discussing the idea of leaving years ago, I have become aware of how many people are doing just what we are. Selling everything, wrapping up a functional yet unfulfilling life and throwing caution to the wind to seek out new horizons. As we head towards new landscapes, I wanted to take a moment to remember what I have come to love about my coastal home in Halfmoon Bay.

I will remember my walks to the Historical General Store. The store has a great collection of old licence plates and silly signs on the walls. The old wooden floor creaks as you enter and the clerk is sure to greet you with a hello. At one time, as it has changed now, you could get fresh local eggs and bacon, that made for a tasty breakfast on a sleepy costal day.

The store was actually comprised of two buildings until recently. One being the general store and the second one being a variety of shops over the years, before it was torn down. I will remember the friendly couple that ran a small burger and pizza take out restaurant at one time, they had the best burgers with mouth watering mustard. I will remember the wonderful woman who ran a cafe in the space for awhile. She made the best scones and was always a stop for me during the holidays, as she always made yummy seasonal cookies.

Along the short stroll to the historical general store, I would pass by Halfmoon Bay Creek. I will remember that it never failed to stop me in my tracks for a few moments to take some photos or just enjoy the sound of the water. A nice spot to sit and enjoy a freshly baked cookie from the cafe for sure.

From there I would carry on to the dock to take in the view or have lunch with the pigeons. I love the sound of the boats knocking against the dock in the light waves and watching the sailboats drift by.

I will remember the morning walks with our dogs and making new trails through the forest behind our home. If we weren't making new trails we were following well used elk, black bear, coyote and deer trails. We would walk to the highest spot that overlooks the bay, a view that I enjoyed each and every time.

View of Halfmoon Bay

I will remember all the wildlife, the elk in the front yard eating our ivy, the bears eating the berries, and the squirrels throwing pinecones at me. I'll remember seeing the coyotes in the morning and waking up a grouse as they scared me half to death attempting to fly away with their crazy urgency. I'll never forget the humming birds diving at us in the morning sun, surly playing with us, as they just missed us every time. I will always remember when I saw my first banana slug and the one eyed racoon that lived next door in the tree.

Arbutus Tree

I will remember the Arbutus trees, something I never saw before moving to British Columbia. They are the most fascinating trees, growing in such strange shapes. Beside our home grows an Arbutus, thought to be around 250 years old. It truly holds some of the homes spirit in its old bark.

The leaves would fall in the early summer, making it feel like autumn in the yard at times. Then the bark would peel and you could hear it crackling in the late summer sun as it fell off. The berries would come next, making for one stop snack shop for all the local birds. I love that Arbutus, but won't miss cleaning up after it.....lol

I will remember all the gravel backroads that I could access from my backyard. I spent time mountain biking, hiking, driving my homemade rally car and my motorcycle around these roads for years. So many good memories of adventures not far from home.

Motorcycle in the rain with splashing

Cherry Blossoms

I will remember the smell of low tide, fresh moss, cedar trees and cherry blossoms

in the spring. I will remember the sweet black berries of late summer and the autumn bonfires to clean up the yard. Winters will be remembered as mostly rainy and misty, but the odd year a snowfall would come and transform the landscape into a true wonderland.

Snowy landscape

I think it is fair to say I will miss my home in Halfmoon Bay and will always have beautiful memories of my time there. It is bittersweet, but I wouldn't change a thing and can't truly explain how excited I am to begin the next chapter in life.

Farewell Halfmoon Bay 😘

Halfmoon Bay in November during sunset

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