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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I moved to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada over 20 years ago. Coastal life quickly grew on me and living by the water was easy to get used too. It reminded me of when I was young and my family used to cottage on the Great Lakes. The big difference now is, I am also surrounded by a beautiful rainforest and coastal mountains.

The misty days can be very magical along the coast. The water takes on a different atmosphere as the clouds roll by. The boats always appear to be sleeping, as they lie quietly waiting for the skies to clear and the piers seem to disappear into the mist.

Sleeping Boats in the Mist at the Pier
Sleeping Boats in the Mist

I spend a lot of time sitting by the water and enjoying the open horizon. My eyes can wonder into the distance, following the rocky shores covered in evergreens and arbutus trees. The clouds are naturally dramatic on most days and change quickly over the water.

Coastal waterfront with blue sky and clouds
Coastal Clouds

The bird life on the coast is always active and fun to watch. You see some birds all year long, like the gulls, herons, ravens and woodpeckers, but we also see a lot of migrating birds who stop off on the coast to relax, refuel and delight us with new colours and songs.

I can loose a lot of time strolling along the beaches of the coast. The scenery is always inspiring, but it is usually the smaller things along the beach that get my attention.

Coastal Horizon of the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia
Coastal Horizon

Such as the sea of pebbles that go on and on and have a subtle hint of colour amongst the beautiful greys. They look lovely, but can be tricky to walk through.

Of course the driftwood alone could keep me busy for hours with the amazing patterns within the water logged fibres. The way the wood ages and the colours that appear in the wood almost look to be flowing themselves.

Coastal living continues to inspire me every day and as a photographer there is always something new to investigate and capture. The days might not all be sunny and the rainy season is long, but I truly know that coastal life will always be apart of me.

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