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Cloud Crazy

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

I have been spending a lot of time lately looking up to the sky. I have always loved clouds and as a child I spent many hours watching them pass by. Looking for patterns and shapes in the masses of condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere, is always an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Cloudy Sky in the Evening
Evening Clouds

For awhile now, I have been curious about the different types of clouds,. What are they called and what makes them different from other clouds. The first thing I learned, is the the type of cloud really depends on where it hangs in the atmosphere. Is it a low, middle or high level cloud?

The high-level clouds are really fascinating to me. Composed entirely of ice crystals, these clouds typically float through the high winds in the upper troposphere. They often appear as delicate brush strokes in the sky or even white locks of hair, from which the latin name is derived.

Here is an example of a high-level cloud.

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus Clouds
Cirrus Clouds

The low level clouds are fun too. They tend to be fluffy like cotton and can be seen drifting lazily across a summer sky. They generally form a few hours after daybreak and will most likely dissipate before sundown.

Here is an example of a low-level cloud.

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds
Cumulus Clouds

As mush as I love observing the clouds I also enjoying learning from them. I am outside a lot and the weather is always a factor. By looking at the clouds you can see if rain might be a possibility or even if a storm is coming. You can understand a lot by just looking up.

Story Clouds
Stormy Clouds

Everyone has their definition of a nice day. To some it is a clear blue sky, for me clouds in the sky make for a lovely day. They can be fluffy summer clouds or dark autumn rain clouds, either way the clouds make the sky more dynamic and beautiful to me.

Sunset Clouds in Purple
Sunset Clouds

Just a side note, if you want to learn more about clouds I highly recommend getting a Cloud Identifying App to help make learning easier and fun. I am using CloudSpotter at the moment and find it super helpful and inspiring me to look up more often and take note to what I see.

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