Chainsaw Carvings of Chetwynd

In September 2022 we were in Chetwynd, British Columbia. Travelling on Highway 29 from Hudson's Hope we came into Chetwynd in the late morning looking for some lunch. Right away I spotted the cool looking wood carvings that were everywhere. On the corners, along the streets, they were everywhere. They were amazing to stand in front of as then the details really jumped out at you.

We stopped at the Info Centre and a friendly local explained the history of the carvings and gave us a map of the town where they were all located. We only had a small amount of time as we were just passing through, but I can see myself going back just to see more of the carvings up close. They were stunning and all well looked after by the town of Chetwynd.

Here is a little history of the chainsaw carvings, from the District of Chetwynd's web site.

"The chainsaw carving project began as part of the Rendezvous ’92 Committee, which was created to help with the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska (Alcan) highway. The Chetwynd Rendezvous ’92 Committee wished to leave a lasting legacy of the community’s participation in the special event to celebrate this milestone of the Alaska Highway."

"In 2005 Chetwynd hosted the first annual Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship, hosting seven carvers from B.C. and the United States."

- to read more visit their web site

In the time we had I managed to capture some photos of just a few of the over 100 carvings there are around town. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area that you set some time aside to have a look around at these beauties.

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