Autumn's Atmosphere

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Every season has it's own atmosphere, a particular way about it that defines the time of year. Certain colours, smells and sounds have a way of defining a season. The colours of autumn are what inspire me the most, along with the return of the soft warm light.

But more than the rich warm colours of autumn, there is a certain feel to the calm fall days. I normally notice it first in the mornings, as I head out for an early walk. My shoes, dry from the summer days, start to show the morning dew that has settled on the grass. Slowly you begin to hear the trickle of the creeks and streams again as the rain returns.

Maple Leaves in a Creek during Autumn
Leaves in the Creek

The air becomes cooler as we head into October and the smell of the forest floor becomes a bouquet of old leaves and fresh mushrooms. The moss and lichens become soft again and the unmistakable smell of fresh soil can be sensed as you stroll along.

Mushrooms and maple leaves on the ground during autumn.
Forest Floor in the Fall

I have fond memories from my youth and the autumn yard clean up that was sure to happen once all the leaves had fallen quietly to the ground. You rake and rake and the pile of leaves grows and grows, until you can not resist and you have to jump into them. I'm not too sure why this was so fun, but it was and continues to be.

Garden Tools on Autumn Leaves
Fall Clean Up Crew

Stone steps with maple leaves resting
Steps of the Fallen

As much as I love the big maple trees and the collection of colours that run along the coast, I also love looking closer at the smaller world within nature. Every leaf has it's own patterns and tones and the pathways of life are never ending. Even as it decays it is beautiful and captures the atmosphere of autumn within it as it nourishes the forest floor for next year's growth.

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